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Once you have obtained an international trademark registration through the Madrid System, you can make important changes to your entire portfolio of registered trademarks in one place. Modify your international trademark registration, expand its geographical coverage, transfer or renew your registration and more.

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Available WIPO online tools and services

Madrid Portfolio Manager

Manage your portfolio of trademark registrations with secure access from your WIPO Account.

Features + benefits

  • Submit requests for changes, renewals, subsequent designations
  • Track the status of your requests
  • Pay fees
  • Delegate management responsibility for all or part of your portfolio (tutorial Video, Delegate management responsibility for all or part of your portfolio, tutorial)
  • View and securely download communications from trademark offices and WIPO
  • Download your certificates

Watch our webinar "How to Make the Most of Madrid Portfolio Manager".

Tutorial: How to use Madrid Portfolio Manager Video

Other useful management tools

Subsequent designation

Apply online to expand the geographical scope of your international trademark registration.


Renew your international trademark registration online in multiple countries.


Restrict the list of goods and services for some or all of the designated Contracting Parties (countries/regions) in your international registration, online.

Management of representative

Appoint, cancel or change the name and/or contact information of a representative acting on your behalf to manage your international registration before WIPO.

Change in holder details

Change the holder’s name, address and contact details online, as well as their legal nature, as recorded in the International Register.

Change in Ownership

Record a total or partial change in ownership of your international registration.


Abandon the effects of your international registration for all the goods and services in respect of some (but not all) of the designated Contracting Parties (countries/regions), online.

Online payment

Pay for changes, subsequent designations, renewals and more using a credit card or Current Account at WIPO.

Note: A WIPO reference number is required when paying online.


Receive email (PDF) copies of all notifications related to your international registration.

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How to manage

Administrative changes

How to pay your fees

How to change the name or address of the trademark holder

How to record a change in ownership

How to appoint a representative to act on your behalf

Changes to the geographical scope of your trademark registration

How to expand the geographical scope of coverage for your trademark (i.e. subsequent designation)

How to withdraw your international trademark registration in some (not all) countries, for all of the goods and services listed (i.e. renunciation)

Changes to the list of goods and services

How to restrict the list of goods and services covered by your international trademark registration for some or all countries (i.e. limitation)

How to remove some or all of the goods and services for all of the countries under your international trademark registration (i.e. cancellation)

Other changes

How to renew your international trademark registration (every 10 years)

How to record a license issued in some or all of the countries covered by your international registration

How to request an extension of a WIPO deadline to remedy an irregularity, pay fees, etc. (i.e. continued processing)

More information is available on our set of pages guiding you on how to manage an international registration.

Forms / resources


Trademark management resources