Digital Transformation of the Madrid System – Help Us to Help You!

A key component of the Madrid System’s digital transformation – aiming to provide all our customers with premium services – is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of our communications by using email notifications.

To achieve this, we need all international trademark applicants, holders and representatives to provide us with an email address. This will be a mandatory requirement from February 1, 2023. Note: We do not share – or publish – these details.

Photo of a business person receiving communications on a mobile phone.
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Important! We still have a considerable number of active international registrations with no email address. We urge anyone who has not yet done so, to provide an email address quickly.

Send us your email address now!

You can submit – or update – your email address via eMadrid, using "Change Holder Details" or "Manage Representative".


  1. Use the same email address in both your international trademark applications/registrations and your WIPO Account; this will help you to manage your international trademark portfolio using eMadrid.
  2. Use a valid email address and keep it up-to-date.
  3. Use the generic address of your business / firm, rather than your personal email address.
  4. Provide a different email address for the holder and any representative. If they are the same, we will issue an irregularity letter; this may delay processing of your requests.

Security issues!

Your company’s email client may use certain security settings (e.g., spam filters) that block the alerts and notifications that we send you. You should white list any address that includes, as well as domain

Types of electronic notifications

We will send you electronic notifications regarding:

  • notifications of irregularities for an international trademark application;
  • notifications of provisional refusals;
  • statements on interim and final status of a mark in a designated member;
  • invalidations in designated members;
  • notifications on recording of a change or a cancellation;
  • communications on irregularities in a request for change or cancellation;
  • notifications on recording of a license;
  • communications on irregularities in recording of a license; and
  • notifications on the second part of the individual fee (Cuba and Japan only).

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