How to Use the Madrid System: Eligibility and Cost

Am I eligible to use the Madrid System?

In order to use the Madrid System, you must:

  • have a personal or business connection with one of its members (known as "Contracting Parties"). This connection will determine your Office of origin, which is where you will submit your international application; and
  • have either applied for or registered a trademark in the country/region of your Office of origin. (This application/registration is known as the "basic mark").

If you meet the two requirements above, you can file an international application under the Madrid System PDF, Madrid Form MM2, which allows you to seek protection in up to 116 countries.

How much does it cost to register my trademark through the Madrid System?

The cost of an international trademark registration includes the basic fee (653 Swiss francs 1), plus additional costs depending on the nature of your mark, where you want to protect it, and how many classes of goods and services will be covered by your registration.

For example, to register a trademark in both India and the European Union, with no color elements and for one class of goods, the total cost will be 1'612 Swiss francs [653 basic fee + 62 (one class in India) + 897 (one class in the European Union)].

Additional fees apply for the modification, expansion and renewal of your trademark portfolio.

1 If you file your application in the IP Office of a Least Developed Country (LDC), your basic fee will be reduced by 90% (to 65 Swiss francs).