How to Use the Madrid System: Benefits of the Madrid System

The Madrid System provides a low-cost and effective solution for obtaining and maintaining trademark protection in multiple markets.

Since its inception, the Madrid System has helped businesses protect more than a million trademarks worldwide.  Whether you’re a small start-up or a large multinational exporter, the Madrid System can help you manage your brand efficiently.


File a single application in one language, and pay one set of fees to apply for trademark protection in multiple territories; manage your brand portfolio through a centralized system, and easily expand protection into new markets.


Register and manage your trademark in the territories of the Madrid System’s 100 members, representing 116 countries and over 80% of world trade.


Save time and money by filing one application, rather than a bundle of national applications; no need to pay for translations or hire a representative in each country.

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What users say about the Madrid System

The Madrid System has become the top choice for international trademark registration among export-oriented brands.

Nestlé (Switzerland)

"I encourage all companies to use the Madrid System as much as they can" – [transcript].

Microsoft (United States)

"The Madrid Protocol has been wonderful for the US" – [transcript].

Sony (Japan)

"The most effective global trademark system for the borderless network era" – [transcript].