How to Monitor your International Application: Further decisions and invalidations

After a final decision, an Office can issue a statement of further decision or issue a notification of invalidation.

Statement of further decision

You may receive this type of communication if an action was initiated after the final decision.

For example, you may receive a notification if there has been a cancellation decision or if you have successfully appealed an Office’s final decision to refuse protection of your international registration.

  • Sample Statement of Further Decision PDF, Sample Statement of Further Decision

Notification of invalidation

After your mark has been granted protection an Office may still issue a notification of invalidation of your international registration if certain requirements are not met (for example, if you have not submitted a declaration of actual use as required by the United States or the Philippines).

An invalidation decision can only be made after you, the holder, have been provided with the opportunity to defend your rights. An invalidation decision cannot be further appealed.

  • Sample Notification of Invalidation PDF, Sample Notification of Invalidation
For further information, please refer to paragraphs B.II.29.01 to 31.01 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol.