How to monitor your international application or registration: Tracking your international application or registration

Receive email notifications on the status of your application

When submitting your international application form MM2 PDF, MM2, indicating an email address automatically enrolls you to our electronic notifications service. This means that you will receive all notices/documents concerning your international application (or registration) via email. You can also contact us at any stage to sign up for electronic notifications PDF, e-Notifications service.

Note – Enrolling for electronic notifications means you will no longer receive paper correspondence from WIPO regarding your international application or registration. If you are a company or representative with multiple international registrations, it is best to provide us a generic email address as the account associated with all marks you are managing. Make sure to add emails from WIPO to your safe sender list, and regularly check your spam folder(s), to ensure timely delivery of your notifications.

Track the status of your application online using Madrid Monitor

To monitor your international application or registration as it moves through the examination process, use Madrid Monitor.

Madrid Monitor provides the status in real time of an international application being processed by WIPO and the status of your international registration in designated national/regional Offices. This allows you to see what is happening to your mark at any time.

Simply select “realtime search” in the left-hand column, then indicate your basic application or registration number, or your international registration number.

Find out more about the online services and resources that make it easier to track your mark.

Tip! – To receive an email alert each time the status of an international registration is updated in Madrid Monitor, set up Madrid Monitor alerts. Enter your mark name or International Registration number in the simple search bar. Open the mark record, then click “Alert me when the document is updated” in the upper right-hand corner. Setting up alerts requires a WIPO Account.