How to Manage your International Registration: Renewal

Once your mark has been recorded in the International Register, the international registration is valid for ten years and can be renewed every ten years directly with WIPO (upon payment of the required renewal fees).

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You will receive an unofficial notice from WIPO confirming the date of expiry of your international registration.

  • Sample Unofficial Expiry Notice PDF, Sample Unofficial Expiry Notice

When to renew

You may renew your international registration either before the 10-year term of protection expires or within the six-month grace period following its expiry. Note that you must pay a surcharge if you renew during the grace period.

Learn about the renewal process after the due date and about key considerations to take into account when renewing your international registration in our tutorial:

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How to renew

Subject to some exceptions, the simplest way to renew your international registration is to do it online.

  • Sample Online Renewal Transaction Receipt PDF, Form MM11

Alternatively, you may renew your international registration PDF, Form MM11 (paper) and submit the form (MM11) directly to WIPO.

WIPO will examine your renewal (for formalities only) and notify you of any problems, including failure to pay the required fees.

If the renewal complies with the formal requirements, WIPO will record it in the International Register and send you a Certificate of Renewal.

  • Sample Certificate of Renewal PDF, Sample Certificate of Renewal

Renewal fees

How much does it cost?

Use the Fee Calculator to help you estimate renewal fees.

The fees for renewal consist of:

  • a basic fee (653 Swiss francs); plus
  • an individual fee (variable) for each designated Contracting Party (applies only for Contracting Parties listed under declaration (c) concerning Article 8(7)(a) of the Madrid Protocol); and/or
  • a complementary fee (100 Swiss francs) for each Contracting Party not listed under declaration (c); and
  • a supplementary fee (100 Swiss francs) for each class of goods and services in excess of three (applies only if a complementary fee is payable, i.e., if some of the designated Contracting Parties do not charge an individual fee) .

Note that you must pay a 50% surcharge if you renew your international registration during the grace period.

Disclaimer: Fee Calculator results are based on information you have provided and the Schedule of Fees in effect at the time the estimate is generated. The estimate is provided for information purposes only. For the most accurate estimate, consult the Fee Calculator immediately before you submit a request or your payment order.

For further information on renewal, refer to paragraphs B.II.73.01 to 82.03 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol, notes for filing form MM11PDF, Making the most of the Madrid System and the Information Notice No. 23/2014 PDF, Information Notice No. 23/2014.