How to Manage your International Registration: Change in Ownership

To record a total or partial change in ownership, use Form MM5.

Video: How to change the ownership of an international registration

In order to be entitled to own the international registration totally or in part*, a new owner (the transferee) must have a business or domicile in a Contracting Party (member) of the Madrid System or be a national of a Contracting Party.

Form MM5 may be presented to WIPO:

  • directly by the holder (by mail or online);
  • through the Office of the Contracting Party of the (recorded) holder; or
  • through the Office of the Contracting Party of the new owner (transferee).
Important information: as from February 1, 2021, new holders and their representatives must indicate their email address in a request for the recording of a change in ownership (MM5). Please, do not forget to indicate your email address.

WIPO does not require evidence of the change in ownership. No supporting documents (such as copies of the deed of assignment or other contract) should be sent to WIPO.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a total or partial* change in ownership is 177 Swiss francs.

For further information on changes in ownership, see paragraphs B.II.60.01 to 69.05 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol and note for filing Form MM5PDF, Note for filing Form MM5.

*A partial change in ownership is a transfer of ownership affecting only some of the goods and services, or only some Contracting Parties.