How to Manage your International Registration: How to Locate a WIPO Reference Number Using Madrid Monitor

A WIPO reference number is required when using the E-Payment system. This number can be found in Madrid Monitor.

The E-Payment system allows you to pay your fees via your Current Account at WIPO or by credit card (only for fees indicated on an irregularity notice).

In order to access the E-Payment service, you will also need a WIPO Account.

Follow these simple steps to locate a WIPO reference number.

Step 1. Search for the mark

On the Madrid Monitor homepage, enter information about the mark in the Search field (search by international registration number, name, international application number, image, date, country, classification and more).

Step 2

Step 2. Locate the desired mark in the search results, and click to open the detailed mark record.

Step 3. Select the Real-time Status tab. The WIPO reference number for each activity associated with the mark will appear in the first column.

Step 3