Madrid System: Managing International Trademark Registrations – Cancel an International Trademark Registration

You can request total or partial cancellation of an international trademark registration – remove some or all of the goods and services for all the designated Madrid System Members – through eMadrid.

Warning: cancellation (partial or total) is permanent:

  • Total cancellation = we remove your international registration from the International Register
  • Partial cancellation = the cancelled goods and services are no longer protected in any of the designated members. You will not be able to restore protection later on using ‘Extend protection of your registration’.

To restore protection you would have to file a new international trademark application.

Video: How to restrict the list of goods and services

What happens after you submit your request?

Important! If the WIPO Account email address you used to access ‘Cancel an International Registration’ does not match the one we have on record for your international registration, we will send an authorization request to the on-record email address of the representative, if any. Otherwise, we will send the authorization request to the on-record email address of the holder.

If we do not receive authorization within 14 days, we will cancel the request.

We will send you an email confirmation with a WIPO reference number. You can use that number to track the status of your request in real-time using “Monitor your Registration” under eMadrid.

How much does it cost?

A request for cancellation is free of charge.

Madrid System forms

You can still request a cancellation using downloadable Madrid System form MM8 (send your completed form to us through our document upload service, or to your home intellectual property office.) However, we strongly recommend that you do this online through eMadrid.

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