Madrid System: Manage your International Registration

Once you’ve obtained an international trademark registration through WIPO’s Madrid System, it’s important to keep it up-to-date. eMadrid provides you with direct and centralized access to our suite of Madrid System online services enabling you to:

  • monitor your registration
  • expand protection of your registration(s);
  • limit the goods and services;
  • renounce protection in certain members;
  • manage your representatives;
  • change contact details (holder and/or representative);
  • change ownership (total or partial);
  • renew your registration(s);
  • and more.

eMadrid – your digital gateway international trademark protection

Benefits of using eMadrid

  • Reduced irregularities;
  • faster processing of requests;
  • automatic confirmations and electronic communications;
  • real-time status updates; and
  • central and secure access to all your transactions.

Tip: We are adding more options to eMadrid all the time! Sign up to Madrid System news alerts to stay informed.

Access eMadrid

Important! To use some of our online services, you need to have a WIPO Account. You may also need to provide a WIPO reference number. Tip! To find your WIPO reference number, search for your international registration using "Monitor Your registration" under eMadrid, and refer to the "Real-time Status" tab.

Madrid Portfolio Manager

You can use our Madrid Portfolio Manager to view your entire portfolio of international registrations and pending applications in one place. Note: you need a WIPO Account to use this service.

You can also easily pay fees, and view and download documents from your portfolio (including certificates of international registration).

Madrid System forms

You currently still have to manage just a few aspects of your international trademark registrations using downloadable Madrid System forms. Note: We will gradually integrate all functions into eMadrid.