Madrid System: Filing International Trademark Applications

Using WIPO's Madrid System, you can file one international trademark application to secure trademark protection in all or any of its members PDF, Madrid System members, in one language and with one set of fees. And, you can track the status of your application as it moves through the examination process.

International trademark applications are filed according to the requirements and procedures established by the Madrid Protocol. The domestic laws of each designated Madrid System member determine the scope of protection of your international trademark registration.

Who can use the Madrid System?

You can file for international trademark protection if you are a national of – or have a domicile or business in – any Madrid System member. The intellectual property (IP) Office of that Madrid System member will be your "Office of origin".

Important! Before you file an international trademark application, you must register – or apply for – a national trademark through your home IP Office (Office of origin). This "basic mark" forms the basis of your international trademark registration.

If you have a connection with several Madrid System members (e.g., you are a national of Mexico living in the United States of America), you can choose any one of these members to be your Office of origin – so long as you have a “basic mark” in that Office.

International Application Simulator

Use our step-by-step simulation to find out if you are eligible to use the Madrid System, to check whether you can seek protection in your target markets and to estimate your application costs.

Access the International Application Simulator


You can appoint a person or company to manage your international trademark application and/or registration on your behalf. Your representative can sign communications and carry out any other procedural steps. We will typically send all communications directly to your representative. Important! You can only have one representative at a time. Find out more about representatives.


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