How to Prepare for Madrid Protocol Accession: Useful Resources

To further assist prospective members to the Madrid Union, the Accession Kit: The Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks PDF, Accession kit provides a detailed account of Madrid System features and steps required to prepare for accession:

  • Advantages of the Madrid System,
  • General overview of the Madrid System, its objectives and main features,
  • Procedures, domestic implications and effects of accession to the Madrid System,
  • Main actions to be undertaken by an intellectual property office as party to the Madrid System,
  • Model instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol,
  • Model provisions for implementation of the Madrid Protocol and information concerning declarations made further to the Protocol,
  • Model implementing provisions,
  • Principal declarations that may be made in connection with accession to the Madrid Protocol, and
  • Model forms.

The Madrid System Legal Forum is an online environment for sharing comments or suggestions regarding the development of the Madrid System. Access to the Madrid System Legal Forum is restricted and may be sought through WIPO (instructions for submitting an access request PDF, Instructions for access to the Madrid System Legal Forum).

You may also contact us for additional questions or assistance concerning the accession of a new member.