How to Prepare for Madrid Protocol Accession: Initial Assessment

An initial assessment can be carried out through WIPO visiting the IP Office concerned for detailed discussions with government officials and technical staff in the Office or ministry. In this assessment, it will be important for the future member to inform WIPO of a number of important elements, including:

  • the political importance of an accession, that is, a determination as to the political will to vigorously support a future accession,
  • the situation of local export industry,
  • the likely position of local agents,
  • political time frame (i.e. upcoming elections), and
  • initial thoughts on the timetable for when an accession may take place.

The main purpose of the initial assessment is to determine whether it is in the best interests of the national/regional IP Office to initiate a project to oversee all necessary pre-accession activities, to nominate an “Accession Team” and to establish an accession Road Map.