Warning - Requests for Payment of Fees

It has come to the attention of WIPO that what appear to be private business establishments are sending letters to the holders of international registrations, inviting them to pay fees for publishing their marks in publications which appear to be of an official nature, recording them in business directories or similar activities. Some of these establishments use signs similar to the WIPO logo or name, thereby misleading the public as to their source.

WIPO advises users that such activities have no legal effect under the Madrid System. All international trademark registrations and related recordals are published in the "WIPO Gazette of International Marks", the only official publication of the Madrid System. All fees payable under the Madrid System are to be paid to the International Bureau directly in Swiss Francs or through the Office of Origin. Madrid Monitor, the international trademark information database contains information regarding international applications, international registrations and subsequent designations. It can be searched free of charge.

If you have any questions about a letter that you have received, please check with your representative or contact us.