Samples of Misleading Invoices

Collected by the International Bureau. Contact us to report samples of misleading invoices not listed here.

Name Origin Date  
DIP – Database of Intellectual Property Warsaw, Poland 12.06.2017 PDF, Database of Intellectual Property, Warsaw
GLOPAT – Global Patents & Trademark Bratislava, Slovakia 14.02.2017 PDF, Global Patents & Trademark, Slovakia
GTPS – Global Trademark and Patent Service Koszalin, Poland 12.01.2017 PDF, Global Trademark and Patent Service, Poland
IP Direct – International Patent & Trademark Directory Prague, Czech Republic 07.03.2017 PDF, International Patent & Trademark Directory, Czech Republic
IPOS - Intellectual Property Organisation Service Geneva, Switzerland 25.10.2017 PDF, IPOS - Intellectual Property Organisation Service, Geneva, Switzerland
IPTA – International Patent & Trademark Agency Brno, Czech Republic 07.06.2017 PDF, International Patent & Trademark Agency, Czech Republic
IPTI – International Patent & Trademark Index Prague, Czech Republic 25.01.2017 PDF, International Patent & Trademark Index, Czech Republic
IPTP – International Patent & Trademark Publications Dublin, Ireland 14.02.2017 PDF, International Patent & Trademark Publications, Ireland
ITMORG – International Trademark Monitoring Organization Zurich, Switzerland 09.03.2017 PDF, International Trademark Monitoring Organization, Switzerland
Marques INDAB Geneva, Switzerland 05.04.2017 PDF, Marques INDAB, Switzerland
TM – Trademark Publication Service Gdansk, Poland 14.03.2017 PDF, Trademark Publication Service, Poland
TM WORLD – International Registration of Trademarks London, United Kingdom 23.01.2017 PDF, International Registration of Trademarks, United Kingdom
WOTRA – World Organization for Trademarks Budapest, Hungary 20.05.2017 PDF, World Organization for Trademarks, Hungary
WOTRA – World Organization for Trademarks (Spanish) Gyor, Hungary 31.03.2017 PDF, World Organization for Trademarks (spanish), Hungary