Madrid System: Certified Documents from the International Register

Do you need to prove the scope of protection of your international registration for court proceedings? Are you experiencing issues with your mark at customs? Did you lose your certificate of international registration? We can email you digital copies of certified documents, stamped with our official WIPO seal.

Tip! You can find up-to-date information on international registrations in Madrid Monitor.
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How to request certified documents

You should send all requests through Contact Madrid. Please include:

  • your email address and WIPO Current Account number (if any);
  • international registration number and mark name (if any);
  • type of document needed and language for the extract cover page if applicable;
  • special service requested if any.

Please let us know if you also wish to receive a paper copy of the document and, if yes, provide your full postal address.

All fees for certified documents are payable in Swiss francs (CHF) on receipt of the invoice. Find out more about payment methods.

Do you need certified documents urgently? We can prepare and send them to you by express-mail within five working days of our acknowledgement of receipt. Cost: 100 CHF per document.

Need guidance?

Chat live with Madrid Customer Service. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00–12:00 | 14:00–16:00 (Geneva time).

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Types of certified documents


Attestations are mainly used for Customs purposes. They can also prove a change in ownership or a pending request for an upcoming renewal, etc.

Attestations highlight only one piece of information, making it quick and easy for the end user to find the information they need.

Cost: 77 CHF | Sample of an attestation PDF, Sample of an attestation

Copies of certificates

Only holders and official representatives can request certified copies of original registration or renewal certificates. Warning: Any changes made (example: change of address) since WIPO issued the original certificate, will not be reflected in the copy.

Cost: 50 CHF | Sample of a copy of a renewal certificate PDF, Sample of a copy of a renewal certificate

Note: Certified copies are only available for certificates issued since January 1, 2006.

Detailed certified extracts

A detailed certified extract consists of a full analysis of the history of the mark. This kind of document is ideal for international court proceedings. It can also serve as evidence of the acquisition of the mark, for certifying a license, for tracking a change in ownership, etc. This kind of extract is the most comprehensive yet concise document you can order.

You can order a detailed extract in English, French or Spanish. Cover pages are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish.

Cost: 155 CHF for up to three pages; 10 CHF for each additional page | Sample of a detailed extract PDF, Sample of a detailed extract

Simple extracts

Contrary to their name, simple extracts are far more comprehensive than detailed extracts as they include all notifications sent by national/regional IP Offices. These notifications can be very technical.

Tip! If you order a detailed extract, we perform the analysis of the mark for you, presenting the information in a clear manner.

Anyone can request a simple extract.

Cost: 77 CHF for up to three pages; 2 CHF for each additional page | Sample of a simple extract PDF, Sample of a simple extract

Warning! Simple extracts can sometimes have over 500 pages.

Legalization of documents

We can arrange legalization of extracts from the International Register. Legalization can take up to 10 days. Note: It may not be possible to legalize extracts for some countries. Legalized documents are issued in paper format only.

Important! Extracts for use within Madrid System Members PDF, List of Madrid System Contracting Parties do not need to be legalized.

How does it work?

  1. We certify, sign and seal the requested document and send it to the Geneva State Chancellery for authentication;
  2. the authenticated document is sent to the consulate/embassy of the relative country for legalization.

For further advice and/or an estimate, contact us.


  • WIPO: 75 CHF and above
  • Geneva State Chancellery: 30 CHF per extract
  • Non-Madrid System Members: 30 to 1,000 CHF per extract

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