Madrid Customer Service: Submitting official forms, documents, responses and notifications

Trademark owners and representatives

If you are the holder of an International Registration (or a holder’s representative) you should use the Contact Madrid service or Madrid Portfolio Manager to submit official forms, documents and responses to irregularity letters.

Note – Access to Madrid Portfolio Manager requires a WIPO User Account.

Fax services are no longer available (as of April 1, 2018). Please use one of the options above to submit your forms or documents.

IP offices of Madrid System members

Madrid Office Portal

Madrid Office Portal is a secure way for participating IP offices to exchange documents and notifications with WIPO.

Participating offices can access their customized portal using a unique username and password. To get started, create a WIPO User Account for your Office, then contact us to request secured access to the Portal (identify yourself as a representative of a national/regional IP Office, then select the “technical assistance” category).

Use Madrid Office Portal to:

  • view and download WIPO notifications (current and past);
  • upload official documents;
  • transmit application forms, Office actions and other requests;
  • upload responses to irregularity letters;
  • track the status of any international registration in real-time;
  • browse the International Register and WIPO Gazette.

Madrid e-Filing – for International Applications

Madrid e-Filing is the Madrid System’s electronic application interface. It is a paperless application and communication platform that replaces paper Form MM2 for participating offices. Offices can easily and securely track irregularities identified during the initial certification process, and transmit this information directly to applicants, through the e-Filing platform.

Setting up e-Filing in your office is simple and free of charge, and WIPO can help integrate the platform into your current IT System. Contact us to learn more.

Madrid Electronic CommunicAtion (MECA) service

MECA is an alternative way to exchange documents with WIPO securely and efficiently. Any communication that is sent in hardcopy format can be sent to WIPO electronically (in XML format) using the MECA service.

Likewise, you can also request that all notifications from WIPO to your office be sent electronically through the MECA service.

Contact us to request access to and/or technical support with the MECA service. (Identify yourself as an IP office, then select “technical assistance”.)


Discontinued (as of April 1, 2018). Please use Madrid Office Portal or MECA to transmit responses, documents and notifications.