Data Collection – Member States

WIPO invites national and regional IP offices to participate in our annual worldwide collection of data on industrial property statistics. We are now compiling 2018 data.

Please complete and return the questionnaires that apply to your office by April 25, 2019, to For offices with limited internet access, paper versions of the questionnaires can be sent upon request.

WIPO employs certain standards for collecting and reporting IP statistics. We ask you to adhere to the following:

  • base your data on calendar year (January 1-December 31);
  • please use only the two-letter codes defined by the ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 standard (search by selecting "Country codes") or according to WIPO Standard ST.3 PDF, WIPO Standard ST.3
  • define the country of origin based on the residency of the first named applicant.

Download all questionnaires for 2018

Additional resources

Download individual questionnaires


Note: Please exclude provisional applications and utility model statistics.

  • Patent filings by origin xls
  • Patent filings under the PPH program by office xls
  • Patent grants by origin
  • Patent grants/rejected applications by year of filing xls
  • Patents in force by origin xls
  • Patents in force by year of filing xls
  • Patent procedural data xls

Utility models

Note: The questionnaires can also be used for petty patents, small patents, etc.

  • Utility model filings by origin xls
  • Utility model grants by origin xls
  • Utility models in force by origin xls
  • Utility models in force by year of filing xls


Note: Some offices use a single-class application system (one application filed for each goods/services class specified); others use a multiple class system (applicants can file an application in which one or more goods/services classes are specified). Special attention should be given to completing the “Number of classes specified” in applications and registrations.

  • Trademark applications by origin xls
  • Trademark applications by class xls
  • Trademark applications for collective and certification marks xls
  • Trademark registrations by origin xls
  • Trademark registrations by class xls
  • Marks in force by year of registration xls
  • Collective and certification marks in force by year of registration xls
  • Trademark procedural data xls

Industrial designs

Note: Offices that permit an application or registration to contain multiple designs should specify the “number of designs contained” in applications and registrations.

  • Design applications by origin xls
  • Design applications by class xls
  • Design registrations by origin xls
  • Design registrations by class xls
  • Designs in force by year of registration xls

Plant varieties

  • Summary: Plant variety protection titles in force xls
  • Plant variety protection applications by origin xls
  • Plant variety protection titles by origin xls
  • Plant variety titles in force xls