Lisbon - (AO 731) Mezcal

(AO 731) Mezcal

Number 731
Date 09/03/1995
Publication N° 24 : 01/1996
Appellation of Origin Mezcal
Good(s) Spirit
Contracting Party of Origin MX
Geographical Area Territories of the States of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Durango, San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas
Legal basis Law on Development and Protection of the Industrial Property published in the Official Journal on June 27, 1991, as amended by the Decree published in the Official Journal on August 2, 1994; Resolution of protection of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, published in the Official Journal on November 28, 1994
Beneficiaries, Natural Person or Legal Entity Government of Mexico
Lisbon Agreement (1958) and 1967 ActAppellation of Origin is protected* in all countries party to the Lisbon Agreement except for those where a refusal, invalidation or renunciation is effective (see list in Transaction History below)

Transaction History

RefusalIR - 10.12.2007
NoteWith regard to international registrations effected from April 1, 2002 onwards, the translation of an appellation of origin and, where relevant, its transliteration, will appear under a heading separate from that of the appellation of origin itself
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