Success based on Innovative Research and a Strong IP Strategy

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  • Name: Gibertini Elettronica Srl.
  • Country / Territory: Italy
  • IP right(s): Patents, Trademarks
  • Date of publication: September 3, 2010
  • Last update: August 25, 2021


“Gibertini” is a registered trademark in Italy and abroad through the Madrid system

Gisberto Gibertini’s interest in precision engineering developed during his employment at the chemical laboratories of the Italian customs office. He found that measuring the density of chemicals using traditional balances was a hard and laborious task, which led him to take the initiative to develop a simple and inexpensive but precise analytical balance that can determine the density and dry extracts of chemicals. Gibertini eventually developed the first hydrostatic balance, which is an equal-arm balance that weighs an object first in the air and then in a beaker of water to determine its specific gravity. This balance soon became popular among scientific laboratories and wine industries all over the world. Today, the balance has become the symbol of Gibertini® Elettronica Srl. (Gibertini Elettronica), the company established by Gibertini.

The company specializes in the production of electronic balances, scientific instruments for laboratories and oenological instrumentation (i.e., instruments related to the study of wine and the making of wine; viticulture). During its decades of existence, Gibertini Elettronica has been reputed for its excellence in quality.

Research and Development

The design of a device for chemical instrumentation, as submitted in the European Patent Office Patent No. EP0257613.

As an innovative company, Gibertini Elettronica depends heavily on research and development (R&D) and continuous improvement of its products. In order to obtain the best integration of experiences and necessary information for the development of instruments and to meet customer needs, a research group has been created. The research group includes technical office staff and commercial managers who cooperate to provide assistance, support and solutions in case of special requests from customers. This cooperation has led to a consistent improvement of product performance, especially in terms of easy and functional use.

Over the years, Gibertini Elettronica has developed several dozen products that are widely used in different businesses including the dairy and wine industry. Precision measurement is the keyword for the company. One of its recent products, the Eurotherm, offers a very efficient option to weigh milk and other food liquids and at the same time measure their humidity and dry residue. Another device, the Nucleo Counter, is likely to have a tremendous impact on the wine industry. The Counter is used for counting yeast cells in wine. Prior methods took two to three days to count cells, whereas Gibertini’s technology can count and generate results within one minute. The device helps winemakers to track the process of fermentation and thus control the quality of the wine.

Patents and Trademarks

Gibertini Elettronica is aware that its innovative products can be subject to copying by others, therefore it uses intellectual property (IP) tools to protect them. The company has placed particular emphasis on securing patents to protect special instruments used in the oenological sector. Many of Gibertini Elettronica’s products are patented through the European Patent Office (EPO). The company’s name – “Gibertini” – is a registered trademark in Italy and abroad through the Madrid system.

Intellectual Property Management

Drawing from the European Patent Office Patent No. FR 2555066 protecting Gibertini Elettronica’s distillation apparatus.

The company has had an IP business strategy since 1983 with two persons in charge of IP rights (IPRs), including monitoring IP databases. These persons are appointed to decide about the most effective possible protection following the advice of an IP attorney. The company also maintains contacts with external experts to obtain advice. The choice of countries in which to obtain IPRs is made according to the relevant market for the product.

Gibertini Elettronica believes that one of the most significant advantages obtained from IPRs is the opportunity to protect its core products. The company holds that an enforcement action against infringement helps discourage further infringement because the counterfeiter incurs significant costs in terms of time and money. There has been at least one instance of infringement of Gibertini Elettronica’s patents. Following the advice of an IP attorney, the company engaged an IP lawyer to sue the infringer for damages. The case is still pending.


Gibertini Elettronica’s commercialization strategy aims at maintaining its competitive edge over other companies in the same sector. The company monitors its market through participation in fairs and exhibitions, studying catalogues, commercial and technical manuals and analyzing instruments manufactured by other firms.

Another aspect of the company’s commercialization is its strong commitment to respond to customers’ requests. It has a “Special Requests Division” which comprises of experts in chemistry, biology and food technologies, and is supported by external consultants when necessary. This division studies and aims to solve specific problems identified by customers, including requests for modifications of standard instruments.

Business Results

Innovative product development and quality assurance have given Gibertini Elettronica an excellent reputation worldwide. Additionally, the company’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of products in response to customer feedback has made Gibertini a trusted name in the market for electronic balances and scientific instruments. The company’s products are now used in a variety of industries, which has helped it generate annual revenues exceeding five million Euros since 2007. Gibertini Elettronica’s excellence in product quality has been assured by ISO 9001 certification. The company is engaged in a continuous effort to improve its products while at the same time maintaining simplicity and safety.

Success based on Innovative Research and a Strong IP Strategy

An innovative, dedicated and continuous R&D program has been the main factor behind the success of Gibertini Elettronica. At the same time the company has maintained a strong and active IP strategy to ensure the protection of its products, which has contributed to the growth and sustainability of the company’s business.

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