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Title: Brands Report 2009
Author: [Marks & Clerk LLP]


Year: 2009


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting
Focus: Brands (non-deceptive counterfeits)
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To find out about commercial challenges currently faced by businesses, the role of brands, and their protection and valorisation.
Sample: 222 UK businesses, with an emphasis on mid-ranking to senior business people
Methodology: Online survey

Main Findings

UK businesses overwhelmingly agree that counterfeiting is likely to increase in economic downturns (97%), helped by rising demand (95%) and the growing importance of the Internet (80%), in particular of online market places. Correspondingly, 75% think that stronger protection is needed to safeguard companies in online market places.

Measures recommended to combat Internet (trademark) infringements include: “a more powerful cybercrime authority, with stiffer penalties for infringers” (61%), “the creation of a protocol to engage search engines with the fight against counterfeiters” (59%), “imposing stronger penalties on secondary markets like eBay” (56%), and “allocation of more resources to the problem by companies themselves” (40%).

Economic downturns also have an impact on preventive action against counterfeiting: 80% respondents consider that the progress made educating consumers about counterfeiting may be undone in difficult economic circumstances.

[Date Added: Aug 10, 2009 ]