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Title: Les PME déposantes de brevets en France: caractéristiques et évolutions
Author: Hélène Perrin [OSEO]


Year: 2004


Subject/Type: IP Protection
Focus: Commercialisation, Economic / Financial Impact, Enforcement, Patents
Country/Territory: France
Objective: To find out more about small and medium-sized enterprises that file patents.
Sample: About 300 small businesses that have filed a patent in 1999
Methodology: Postal questionnaire

Main Findings

6 in ten French small and medium-sized businesses that had filed a patent in 1999 are regular patent applicants, while about 40% are first-time applicants. 17% reported having experienced difficulties during the patent filing process. About 60% have benefited from at least one kind of public assistance in their innovation process.

The top three reasons given for filing patents were: protection against counterfeiting (cited by around 80%), obtaining a monopoly on the invention (about 60%), and increasing enterprise value (about 50%). In most small and medium-sized businesses (61%), the CEO is responsible for managing industrial property.

74% respondents assess the impact of filing a patent on their business as relatively positive or very positive; 25% see no impact, and just 1.4% see a relatively or very negative impact. Filing a patent had a positive impact on market share in France for 65% of respondents, and a positive impact on international market share for 48% of respondents.

39% of surveyed businesses have been involved in (offensive or defensive) litigation concerning counterfeiting.

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