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Title: Digital Video Usage and DRM - Results from an European Consumer Survey
Author: Nicole Dufft, Philipp Bohn, Andreas Stiehler and Thorsten Wichmann [Berlecon Research]

INDICARE project

Year: 2006


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film
Country/Territory: France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Objective: To gather data on the preferences and behaviour of European consumers with respect to digital video content and on their awareness and acceptance of Digital Rights Management (DRM).
Sample: 2.731 Internet users in five European countries
Methodology: Online survey

Main Findings

61% of European Internet users have used their computer to watch online digital video content (e.g. music videos, movie trailers or full-length videos). Streaming digital video content is more widespread than downloading videos. Those having experience with digital video content obtain their digital videos mostly from company websites (previews, ads; 42%), DVDs of family/friends (ripped; 39%), own DVDs (ripped; 37%), and file sharing networks (36%). File sharing network usage varies considerably between countries: while in Germany, just 11% of digital video users access such networks, in Spain 67% do so.

“Music videos” is the most common type of video content downloaded/watched (with 47% of downloaders having downloaded this type of video), followed by “private content” (e.g. family videos, with 45%), and “movie previews and ads” (43%). Furthermore, users show high potential interest in watching digital movies and TV shows. Users would be most willing to pay extra for the following video file usage rights: burning to CD/DVD and time shifting. The willingness to pay extra is highest for recently released movies. File sharing network users are not enthusiastic about paying usage fees: 57% would switch to a different file sharing network, where content is free, if their current network turned commercial and only offered high-quality content for a fee. Just 15% would continue to use the network and pay the fee.

Knowledge and awareness of Digital Rights Management (DRM) are very low: 62% of digital video users have never heard of DRM, and an additional 21% have heard of it, but do not know what exactly DRM is. Just 14% report to know what DRM is. Slightly over one in two consumers of digital videos are unaware of any usage restrictions when downloading video content. Consumers have different acceptance rates for usage restrictions, depending on their specific objective: using DRM technology to protect children from viewing offending content is supported by 79%; using DRM technology to allow consumers to pay only for what they want, and using it to reward creative work of artists are both supported by 65%. Overall, 50% of digital video consumers care about copyright when downloading videos; 6% do not exactly know that copyright is, and 33% do not care much about copyright.

[Date Added: Jan 26, 2009 ]