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Title: University IP Policy: perception and practice how students and staff understand intellectual property policy at their Higher Education Institutions (HEI)
Author: [NUS Insight]

Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN)

Year: 2016


Subject/Type: IP Knowledge, IP Protection
Focus: Copyright, Inventions, Outreach / Education, Patents
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To understand how Higher Education Institutions (HEI) Intellectual Property (IP) policies are perceived and practiced
Sample: 2,773 students from 152 HEIs; 250 higher-education staff
Methodology: Online surveys

Main Findings

The survey found that 68% of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) students expect to engage in an intellectual property (IP) activity related to their ideas. Around 60% of students and staff found IP to be important for a student’s future career. Just 20% of students claimed to know about ownership of rights to creative works, whereas 78% of staff did.

Student’ awareness of their institution’s IP policy was at 21%, whereas staff’s was at 63%. Students seeking information about IP reported mainly using the Internet (30%), or asked HEI staff (19%) or another student (11%).

[Date Added: Aug 3, 2016 ]