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Title: NESB and ESB students' attitudes and perceptions of plagiarism
Author: Stephen Marshall and Maryanne Garry [Victoria University of Wellington]

International Journal for Educational Integrity 2, no. 1: 26-37

Year: 2006


Subject/Type: Piracy, Plagiarism
Focus: Books, Film, Internet Sources, Music, Video Games
Country/Territory: New Zealand
Objective: To explore potential differences between students from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) and students with English speaking backgrounds (ESB) in their attitudes, perceptions and understandings of plagiarism and other copyright violations.
Sample: 115 ESB students and 66 NESB students in English-language universities
Methodology: Anonymous questionnaires

Main Findings

Students from non-English speaking backgrounds were more likely (83%) to have committed serious forms of plagiarism compared to English-speaking background students (65%). However, there is an overall high level of reported plagiarism and a poor understanding of what it is. Plagiarising from Internet sources was the most common form of plagiarism reported by all students.

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