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Title: The Money Programme: Britain's favourite fakes
Author: [Ipsos MORI]

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Year: 2008


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting, Piracy
Focus: Apparel and Shoes, Beverages, Fashion Accessories, Film, Music, Personal Care Products, Tobacco Products, Video Games, Watches
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To determine counterfeit consumption and attitudes towards them by UK residents.
Sample: 991 adults (15+) in Great Britain
Methodology: Face-to-face interviews

Main Findings

One in five British consumers (19%) admits to having bought at least one fake good in the last few years (73% have not). 82% reportedly know that it is wrong and theft to buy fake goods. However, 21% report buying counterfeit goods notwithstanding, and 10% do not see anything wrong with buying counterfeit items.

The UK’s most popular fakes are: DVDs (with 34% of counterfeit buyers having purchased them), followed by music/CDs (18%), clothes/shoes (17%), jewellery/watches (10%), cigarettes (9%), and sunglasses (9%). Commonly, fakes are bought at market stalls (27%), during overseas trips (19%), from car boot sales (15%), and from street vendors (15%).

Typical counterfeit consumers are male, under 55 years old, in full-time work, live in the North of the country, have Internet access, and live with children at home.

[Date Added: Jan 20, 2009 ]