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Title: Olswang Convergence Consumer Survey 2008
Author: [YouGov]


Year: 2008


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film, Music, Video Games
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To examine consumers' piracy behaviour and piracy attitudes.
Sample: 1162 GB consumers, aged 13 to 55
Methodology: Online survey, focus groups

Main Findings

Overall, 10% of respondents stream or download music illegally. 7% admit to streaming/downloading TV programmes illegally, a further 7% stream/download movies illegally, and 4% stream/download games illegally. Reasons given by those not obtaining illegal online content are: “it’s wrong” (39%), “worried about getting caught” (21%), and “quality is not good enough” (15%).

However, real figures are most likely higher as in answer to another question touching less directly on piracy, 22% of respondents admitted to downloading free music from an illegitimate Internet music service at least once in every six months, and, 9% and 8% admitted to spending at least an hour watching TV programs and movies streamed or downloaded over the Internet from an illegal file sharing service.

The figures for the Kids focus groups (13-15 year olds) are similar as far as illegal downloading is concerned. However, kids worry more about getting caught, with 32% not getting illegal online content for this reason.

Members of the Vanguard focus groups (early adopters) are much more likely to engage in illegal activity: 17% of the vanguard stream/download music illegally, 11% do so for TV programs, 12% for movies, and 8% for games. 20% cite “quality is not good enough” as a reason for not getting content illegally online.

Figures for the Mainstream focus groups closely match overall figures.

The figures for the Laggards focus groups (late adopters) are very much smaller: 3% for streaming/downloading music illegally, 2% for TV programmes and movies, and 0% for games. 49% of Laggards do not engage in such activities, and 11% do not obtain illegal content online for fear of “getting caught”; 8% do not do so because of “not good enough quality”.

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