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Title: Les Français face au téléchargement illégal de musique sur Internet
Author: [Ipsos]

Pro-Music France

Year: 2008


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Music
Country/Territory: France
Objective: To learn about attitudes toward music downloading, its extent and the acceptance/effectiveness of possible countermeasures.
Sample: 1.010 nationally representative persons, aged 15 and older
Methodology: Telephone interviews

Main Findings

21% report having illegally downloaded music from the Internet. Eight in ten respondents think that artists and authors are entitled to compensation when their music is downloaded from the Internet. For 36%, illegal downloading is the "principal reason" for declining music sales; 54% contend that illegal downloading is one of the causes, but not the only one.

Almost three quarters of respondents support new, more restrictive legislation against illegal Internet downloading, while 23% do not. 90% of respondents would stop illegal downloading when receiving warnings threatening to suspend their Internet access if they do not stop doing so.

[Date Added: Oct 22, 2008 ]