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Title: File-Sharers: Criminals, Civil Wrongdoers or the Saviours of the Entertainment Industry? A Research Study into Behaviour, Motivational Rationale & Legal Perception Relating to Cyber Piracy
Author: Michael Filby [University of Hertfordshire]

Hertfordshire Law Journal 5, no. 1: 2-77

Year: 2007


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film, Music, Software, Video Games
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To investigate personal experiences, behaviour and motivational rationale with regard to piracy and file sharing.
Sample: 1.072 Internet users
Methodology: Anonymous online questionnaire

Main Findings

Those who engage in cyber piracy not only financially spend more on authorised products proliferated by the entertainment industries, compared to those who do not engage in piracy, but also they are willing to move away from committing tortuous acts of copyright infringement if the industries can provide a viable alternative means of digital delivery.

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