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Title: Explaining Counterfeit Purchases: A Review and Preview
Author: Martin Eisend [Freie Universität Berlin], Pakize Schuchert-Güler [Berlin School of Economics]

Academy of Marketing Science Review  10, no. 10

Year: 2006


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting, Piracy
Focus: Apparel and Shoes, Brands (non-deceptive counterfeits), Consumer Electronics / Electronic Equipment, Fashion Accessories, Film, Luxury Goods, Music, Software
Country/Territory: Germany
Objective: To explain consumers' motives when purchasing non-deceptive counterfeit goods.
Sample: 12 consumers who have purchased counterfeit goods
Methodology: In-depth interviews

Main Findings

The scarcity of the original product influences the value perception of both the original brand and the fake brand. The willingness of consumers to purchase a counterfeit product increases if they can rate the quality of a product before purchase and decreases if they cannot. Suggest increasing information about the illegality and harmful consequences of counterfeits, especially at borders and airports.

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