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Title: Sondagem Mensal - A classe C e a Compra de Produtos Piratas
Author: [Quorum Brasil]

Fórum Nacional Contra a Pirataria e Ilegalidade (FNCP):

Year: 2010


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting, Piracy
Focus: Apparel and Shoes, Consumer Electronics / Electronic Equipment, Fashion Accessories, Film, Medicines and Medical Devices, Music, Software, Toys, Watches
Country/Territory: Brazil
Objective: To evaluate purchasing behaviour regarding counterfeit/pirated products.
Sample: 420 social class "C" individuals (aged 25 to 50) in São Paulo and Salvador
Methodology: Interviews

Main Findings

90% of male and female respondents in São Paulo reported having bought fake/pirated goods. In Salvador, 75% of male respondents and 73% of female respondents had done so. Overall, over 80% have bought fake/pirated goods.

The fake/pirated goods most popular with men are: CDs/DVDs (with 98% having bought them), glasses (31%), watches (20%), shoes/clothing (18%), toys (16%), consumer electronics (12%), software (6%) and medicines (4%).

The fake/pirated goods most popular with women are: CDs/DVDs (with 96% having bought them), glasses (28%), shoes/clothing (18%), toys (12%), watches (8%), consumer electronics (2%) and medicines (2%).

Respondents in both São Paulo (79%) and Salvador (85%) believe that the market for fake/pirated goods will grow. Only 14% and 8%, respectively, believe that it will decrease.

[Date Added: May 4, 2010 ]