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Title: Consumer Purchase of Pirated VCD: Do Non-Price Factors Matter? 
Author: Hasnizam Shaari and Fairol Halim [Universiti Utara Malaysia]

International Journal of Business and Society  7, no. 2: 119-131

Year: 2006


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Film
Country/Territory: Malaysia
Objective: To discover the non-price factors that affect consumer purchases of pirated VCDs.
Sample: 180 consumers who had knowingly purchased pirated VCDs
Methodology: Questionnaires distributed at shopping malls

Main Findings

Price is a major factor motivating consumers to purchase pirated VCDs. The high price differential between pirated VCDs and originals plays a major role in determining the number of pirated VCDs purchased by the consumer.

Consumer purchase of pirated VCDs is directed by value consciousness towards the product. From the consumer's point of view, buying the cheaper product is being a "wise shopper" and it is value for money to them.

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