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Title: Consumer Attitudes toward Counterfeits: A Review and Extension
Author: Celso Augusto de Matos and Carlos Alberto Vargas Rossi [Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul], Cristiana Trindade Ituassu [Federal University of Minas Gerais]

Journal of Consumer Marketing 24, no. 1: 36-47

Year: 2007


Subject/Type: Counterfeiting
Focus: Brands (deceptive counterfeits), Brands (non-deceptive counterfeits)
Country/Territory: Brazil
Objective: To investigate the key antecedents of consumer attitudes towards counterfeits and the influence of this attitude on the behavioural intentions towards counterfeits.
Sample: 400 consumers in two big Brazilian cities
Methodology: Street interviews conducted close to points selling counterfeit products

Main Findings

Found no significant differences in attitudes and behavioural intentions based on gender, age, education or income level. The most important variable in predicting attitude was "perceived risk" followed by "previous purchase of counterfeit goods".

Unfavourable attitudes towards counterfeits were found among consumers perceiving high risks associated with the purchase and consumers valuing honesty, politeness and responsibility. Positive attitudes towards counterfeits were found among consumers with previous experience purchasing counterfeits, consumers seeking to have a sense of accomplishment from their purchase, consumers considering price as an indication of quality and consumers with friends and relatives who approved of counterfeit purchases.

Suggest anti-counterfeiting efforts highlight risk associated with counterfeit goods and try to change the social acceptance factor.

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