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Title: Survey: VentureNavigator users driven by a passion for ideas, not pursuit of wealth
Author: [Venture Navigator]


Year: 2008


Subject/Type: Creativity
Focus: Success Factors
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To learn more about the motivations and challenges of start-ups and small businesses.
Sample: 100+ registered users of the VentureNavigator service
Methodology: Web-based survey

Main Findings

Entrepreneurs and small business leaders are driven to start companies by their passion for ideas (41.4%) and the desire to be their own boss (39.7%); financial reward is considered less important (12.1%).

The main barriers to success when starting up include upfront capital investment (44%) and "fear of failure" (19%), but not the challenge of protecting intellectual property. When asked what area of starting a new business entrepreneurs would need most help or advice with, "sales and marketing" (25.7%) and "how to turn your idea into a reality" (24.8%) are most often cited. The protection of intellectual property is considered a distant concern, with just 4.4% citing intellectual property as the issue they would need the most help or advice with.

[Date Added: Aug 18, 2008 ]