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Title: The 2006 Digital Music Survey
Author: Russell Hart and Steve Evans [Entertainment Media Research]


Year: 2006


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Music
Country/Territory: United Kingdom
Objective: To test consumer tastes and purchasing behaviour.
Sample: 3.000+ music consumers
Methodology: Online survey

Main Findings

13% of downloaders have stopped buying music CDs, 30% buy fewer CDs and 13% buy more. 26% sample music online before purchasing a CD. 59% of legal downloaders buy downloads in order to get music immediately. Generally, CDs are still perceived to be more valuable than downloads. Reasons for not downloading include: perceived as too expensive (30%), concern with virus/security (19%), need more information on how it works (19%).

Illegal downloading only decreased from 40% in 2005 to 36% in 2006. 56% of illegal downloaders (but only 50% of teens) claim they will download less in the future. Most consumers are not fully clear on the laws about downloading: 70% have a rough understanding of the law, 20% a poor one and 13% none at all. 64% of both legal and illegal downloaders are "concerned" about the law. However, 26% of downloaders with a complete or good understanding of the law reported that they "couldn't care less" about it.

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