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Title: Softlifting and piracy: behavior across cultures
Author: Barry Shore, A R Venkatachalam and Eleanne Solorzano [University of New Hampshire], Janice M Burn [Edith Cowan University], Syed Zahoor Hassan [Lahore University of Management Sciences], Lech J Janczewski [University of Auckland]

Technology in Society 23, no. 4: 563-581

Year: 2001


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Software
Country/Territory: Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, Pakistan, United States of America
Objective: To study the effects of country, gender, age, usage and experience on the attitudes towards Intellectual Property Rights in four different countries.
Sample: 627 English-speaking business students from four universities
Methodology: Questionnaire

Main Findings

Country, gender and level of computer use were found to significantly explain attitudes. Found that in all countries the copying of inexpensive software for personal use was considered acceptable behaviour while the selling of costly commercial software to a competitor was considered unacceptable - suggesting a "worldwide ethic" for extreme scenarios. Found culture to be more strongly tied with piracy than with softlifting.

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