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Organizer: International Federation Against Copyright Theft - Greater China (IFA©T-GC)
Country/Territory: China, Hong Kong, China
Language: Chinese
Focus: Film Piracy
Outreach Tools: Brochures / Guides, Print / Radio / TV PSAs, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters, Website
Target Audience: Consumers


Distribution of refrigerator magnets featuring Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan to legitimate buyers (Slogan: “Thank You for Purchasing Legitimate Movies. Your Action Determines the Future of the Film Industry!”)

"Encourage Creativity; Protect Movies; Together We Can: Stop Piracy!" anti-camcording campaign (2007), featuring actor Jim Chim

Brochures: "Illegal File-Sharing: The Risks Aren't Worth It", "Identifying Pirate CD/DVD"

Anti-piracy trailers ("What are you really burning", "Stop Movie Piracy", "Anti-piracy (Pele)", "Mission to Stop Piracy" (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan), "Street People", "Downloader")

[Date Added/Updated: Dec 3, 2012]