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Organizer: Instituto Ecuatoriano de la Propiedad intelectual (IEPI)
Country/Territory: Ecuador
Language: Spanish
Focus: General Counterfeits, General Piracy
Outreach Tools: Awards / Scholarships / Grants, Brochures / Guides, Campaign, Competitions, Events, Media Coverage, Posters / Printed Materials, Print / Radio / TV PSAs, School Visits, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters
Target Audience: Consumers, General Public, Kids / Tweens / Teens


Anti-piracy cinema PSA (2010) featuring Ecuadorian film directors telling the audience how many years it takes to make films, how many persons are involved, and asking them to respect the efforts and creations of film makers; slogan: "Reward work and effort, encourage creativity in Ecuador, buy the original" ("Premia el trabajo y el esfuerzo, fomenta la creatividad en Ecuador, compra el original")

"593 Original Ecuador" ("593 Ecuador Original") campaign to combat piracy; includes: "Ecuador Original" song featuring 25 famous national artists; "Los Oficios de la Imaginación" brochure; educational school visits by the IEPI and artists, concerts

Competition: "Al rescate de la Producción Intelectual"

[Date Added/Updated: Nov 23, 2012]