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Organizer: Business Software Alliance (BSA)
Country/Territory: Brazil, International, Mexico, United States of America
Language: English
Focus: Software Piracy
Outreach Tools: Brochures / Guides, Campaign, Curriculum Materials, Films / Videos, Interactive Games, Posters / Printed Materials, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters, Studies, Website
Target Audience: Kids / Tweens / Teens, Parents, School Teachers, University Students


"B4UCopy" educational program (launched 2007) designed to raise student awareness of copyright and encourage responsible behavior online; comprehensive program with lesson plans and teacher guides for grades three through twelve (elementary, middle and high school); information brochure for parents

"B4UCopy" website targeted at educating college students about cyber safety and cyber ethics; includes an education video

"Cybertreehouse" website exclusively for young people (elementary school stage) to learn about appropriate computer usage in an entertaining, interactive and informative way; includes "Garret the Ferret", BSA’s cyber-champion mascot, leading kids through games and activities that illustrate smart cyber behavior; objectives: to teach appropriate computer use, to inform about Internet safety and respect for intellectual property

"Define the line" awareness campaign (launched 2004) designed to educate students about using commercial software legally, respecting copyrighted works online and understanding the impact of software theft on all of us; features:

- Brochure: "Define the Line: What you need to know about using commercial software"

- Studies: "Downloading & File-Sharing Activity of College Graduates Top Line Report", "Higher Education Unlicensed Software Experience – Student and Academics Survey", "Tweens' and Teens' Internet Behavior and Attitudes About Copyrighted Materials", "Internet Piracy on Campus"

- "Define the line" factsheet, posters, bookmarks

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