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Organizer: Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF)
Country/Territory: Australia
Language: English
Focus: Film Piracy, General Piracy, Music Piracy
Outreach Tools: Brochures / Guides, Campaign, Cartoon Animations / Comics, Competitions, Curriculum Materials, Events, Films / Videos, Media Coverage, Multimedia Products, Posters / Printed Materials, Print / Radio / TV PSAs, School Visits, Spokespersons / Spokescharacters, Website
Target Audience: Consumers, Kids / Tweens / Teens, School Teachers



- "What are you really burning?" campaign (2007, 2009) in cinemas, retail & rental stores as well as television telling Australians that what they are you really burning if they don’t respect film and television copyright is the Australian film industry; aimed at helping Australians to see the positive outcomes that result when people respect copyright and say ‘no’ to pirating films and television shows

- "Movie Piracy: it's a crime. Don't buy into It." (2004)

"Copyright or Copywrong"/"Nothing Beats The Real Thing!" education initiative (for 12-16 years olds): discusses the economic, legal and ethical implications of film and television copyright through a range of curriculum units; aims to encourage free and open discussion of the issues and, through an educationally valid process, make clear the harmful consequences of film piracy and the value of copyright; module contains: teachers guide (4 print units), 2 screen (video) units, 3 interactive units

"All Right to Copy?" copyright awareness program for school children aged 9-15; designed to assist teaching awareness, understanding and respect for intellectual property through the creation by school children of their own creative copyright works; includes interactive resource inc. Video & downloadable copyright information (2008)

"Nothing beats the real Thing! Youth Challenges" on film/DVD piracy asking participating students to come to an understanding about the implications of film piracy for the sort of society they want to create

"Music for Free?" learning and teaching resource (2008): looks at the ethics of file sharing and encourages secondary students to explore the issue of illegal downloading of music from the internet and to consider the ethics of giving artists and songwriters "a fair go"

"In Tune" documentary (2008): features interviews with Australian artists who speak on issues from what it is like to be part of a band to how the digital revolution has affected their livelihoods

"National Copyright Guidelines": provide an overview on copyright issues affecting schools and TAFE

"Local Film Industry on Piracy" video interviews

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