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Organizer: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Country/Territory: Australia
Language: English
Focus: Innovation, Inventions
Outreach Tools: Case Studies, Competitions, Films / Videos, Interactive Games, Social media, TV / Radio Programs, Website
Target Audience: General Public, Inventors, Kids / Tweens / Teens


"The New Inventors" television show (2004- ): each week 3 totally new, never before seen inventions are demonstrated, examined, prodded, pushed, pulled and occasionally dropped by host James O'Loghlin; at the end of the show the judges choose a winner, who may advance to the show's grand final at the end of the year

Awards: "Inventor of the Year", "People's Choice Winner", "Less is More 'Big Heart' Award", "Young Inventors' Bright Spark Award"

"Catapult - making ideas happen" website about good ideas, invention and innovation

[Date Added/Updated: Nov 25, 2010]