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Resources and tools for women inventors, creators and entrepreneurs

Understanding intellectual property can often be complex. On the occasion of this year’s World Intellectual Property Day, we encourage you to embrace the opportunity to learn more about intellectual property (IP) rights and the role they play in achieving your goals in the field of innovation and creativity.

WIPO works hand-in-hand with Member States and stakeholders to support greater participation of women in the IP system. The following resources, information videos, seminars and workshops will offer useful insights about the IP ecosystem and how women inventors, creators and entrepreneurs can benefit from it to achieve their goals and thereby help accelerate innovation and creativity.


WIPO IP Diagnostics

Use the IP Diagnostics online tool to gain a general idea of how to protect, manage and leverage your Intellectual Property (IP) assets.

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Gender-focused activities at WIPO

Inventor Assistance Program

The Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) supports inventors and small businesses with limited resources transform their innovation into commercial assets. The IAP matches selected beneficiaries with a volunteer patent attorney or agent to help them navigate the patent system at no cost. This program is operating in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines and South Africa.

Mentoring Program on IP for Women Entrepreneurs from Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

This practical workshop aims to strengthen the capacity of women entrepreneurs from Indigenous peoples and local communities to make strategic and effective use of Intellectual Property (IP) rights. The workshop provides basic information about how traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions relate to IP, and individual mentorship to support participant’s projects and businesses.

WIPO Academy: Access to courses in all fields of IP

The WIPO Academy offers a wide portfolio of training courses on intellectual property (IP) education and skills-building essential to innovation and creativity. The Academy’s training combines face-to-face and Distance Learning (DL) courses that IP experts teach to provide an in-depth view of the fundamentals of IP law.

IP Guides for business

The Intellectual Property (IP) guides for Business are designed to illustrate how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can use the IP system and benefit from IP rights. These publications will help turn business ambitions into reality by helping SMEs to make informed decisions about protecting their IP.