Case studies for World IP Day Youth Gallery

This year, WIPO is reaching out to its Member States and other partners to invite them to share information about the remarkable work of young people who are developing local solutions to global problems for inclusion in the World Intellectual Property Day Youth Gallery.

We invite you to post a case study on your own World IP Day web page and to send the World IP Day Team by e-mail ( a link to that case study together with a short summary of the case study and an image, which we will post on the World IP Day Youth Gallery.

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The outline below suggests a possible structure and points of information to be covered in developing your case study(ies) for the campaign.

Area/Sector (e.g. agriculture, energy, transport, etc.)

Name of young inventor(s), creator(s), entrepreneur(s)

General details of the invention

  • Name of technology, creation.
  • High-level description of the technology, creation, business (i.e. what it does and how it works).
  • The problem the technology solves (if possible, include statistical and other information about the global challenge the technology addresses).

Innovation, creativity and Intellectual Property (IP) rights

Comment from the inventor/entrepreneur on:

  • What inspired the invention, innovation, creation/business.
  • How the innovation, creation is protected with IP rights or how the business uses IP rights.
  • Why innovation is crucial in driving positive change.
  • Why it is important for inventors, creators, businesses to protect their work with IP
  • The greatest challenges encountered in developing the invention/innovation.
  • How policymakers can support youth innovation and why it is important to support young innovators, creators and entrepreneurs on this journey.

A call to action

Ask the inventor(s),creator(s), entrepreneur(s) to make a call to action in support of:


  • Provide details of how the invention is being used and what impact it is having on the environment/people’s lives.


  • Illustrate the case study/profile with a selection of high resolution photos (300 dpi).
  • Do not forget to include Photo credit details (e.g. © [name of photographer/ company] or “Courtesy of [name of company], together with confirmation that WIPO may use the images for the purposes of promoting the World IP Day 2022 campaign.
  • full HD video footage (if available – see guidelines on video production)
  • any other visuals elements (e.g. graphs, infographics, posters, patent drawings, diagrams) that may be available.