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How to Protect Inventions Internationally with the PCT

Start-ups and SMEs are one of the core building blocks of high-tech clusters, such as the Silicon Valley. Technology-intensive SMEs are powerhouses of innovation and essential drivers of economic development in all modern economies.

These start-ups and SMEs design, develop and commercialize disruptive high-risk technologies with high-payoff potential. On their pathway to the market, they need to incorporate upfront an intellectual property (IP) strategy into their business plans.

These days, the market capitalization of a high-tech start-up or SME is based on its IP portfolio, which is often mostly composed of patents.

Video: An introduction to the International Patent System.

Five ways SMES can benefit from the PCT

SMEs seeking to protect their technologies in international markets can benefit from WIPO's Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) to:

1. Streamline international protection

2. Facilitate foreign partnerships

3. Postpone major costs

4. Identify pre-existing technology

5. Create licensing opportunities

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