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How to Protect Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin Internationally with the Lisbon System

The Lisbon System for the International Registration of Appellations of Origin and Geographical indications offers a streamlined and user-friendly means of obtaining protection for a geographical indication or an appellation of origin. Through a single registration procedure and one set of fees, protection can be obtained in the other countries (and intergovernmental organizations, such as the European Union) covered by the Lisbon System.

Explainer video: Geographical indications and WIPO’s Lisbon System

Eight ways WIPO's Lisbon System helps you protect your geographical indications and appellations of origin

Single application

Flexibility to expand protection

Central management

Indefinite protection

All product categories can be protected

Online tools

Worldwide protection

Customer service

WIPO's Lisbon System: the simple and economical solution to international geographical indication protection

When it comes to protecting your appellation of origin or geographical indication, filing for and managing multiple individual national rights can be a major headache, not least because procedures and languages differ from one country to another. You may need help from local attorneys, agents and even translators. As an SME, you may not have the time, resources or expertise to dedicate to the process. WIPO’s Lisbon System is a cost-effective route to comprehensive international geographical indication protection.