Take your ideas to market

Case Studies on the Use of IP by SMEs

World IP Day 2021

From the Philippines to Costa Rica and the United States to Japan, these case studies tell the stories of SMEs around the globe that are using IP rights to turn ideas into business opportunities and generate value.

(Photos: Courtesy of ASOARTEP)

IMBERLITA: Creating value from artisanal handicrafts through branding

With a population of 22,000 people, the municipality of Imbert is located in the center of the province of Puerto Plata. It is one of the top tourist spots in the Dominican Republic. In addition to its natural beauty, the region is known for its local handicrafts.

(Photo: Courtesy of XYZ Reality)

XYZ Reality brings precision and technology to construction sites

Having the ability to imagine simple objects on paper and project them to real life is a key ability for anyone in the engineering fields. Thanks to technology developed by UK-based XYZ Reality Limited (XYZ Reality), engineers can now use augmented reality to visualize 3D models of complex structures, such as an entire building.

(Photo: Courtesy of Lula Mena®)

Salvadoran designers make an impact on local communities

In recent years, El Salvador has seen a rise in the number of fashion startups led by women. Highly talented female designers have come to the fore. Injecting innovation into traditional artisanal production techniques and products to create original designs with indigenous characteristics, some of these designers are gaining prestige at home and abroad with their clothing and accessory lines.

(Photo: © Courtesy of MAMORIO)

What once was lost is now found

The misplacement or unintended loss of personal possessions is a universal phenomenon. Looking to provide a new solution to this age-old problem, Tokyo-based startup MAMORIO, Inc. developed a smart tracking tag and app to help people keep track of their belongings.

(Photo: © Courtesy of JRED Food Processing)

When ideas percolate

How one couple in the Philippines turned their love for coffee into a micro enterprise. How many people dream of getting paid to do what they love? One coffee-loving couple based in the Philippines decided to take their hobby to market by founding JRED Food Processing (JRED), a family-owned, coffee processing business located in the heart of Malitbog, Bukidnon, in the Northern Midnano region of the Philippines.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Vortex Bladeless S.L.)

Rethinking wind energy

Vortex Bladeless S.L. develops and markets bladeless wind turbines that do not need the shaft, gears, bearings or mechanisms normally worn out by friction. This technology is based on aeroelastic resonance, which allows the turbine to harness the energy of forming vortices. A bladeless wind turbine consists of a vertical cylinder fixed with an elastic rod embedded in the ground.