WIPO GREEN: The Marketplace for Sustainable Technology

Established by WIPO in 2013, WIPO GREEN supports global efforts against climate change by connecting key actors in environmentally friendly innovation through its database and network. Its aim is to incentivize innovation in this field and spread it more broadly, and to contribute to the efforts of developing countries in addressing the global challenges of climate change, food security and the environment.

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WIPO GREEN is guided by a strategic plan that sets out a roadmap that will support technology exchange that will contribute to the accelerated adaptation, adoption and deployment of green technology solutions by connecting technology providers with technology seekers.

A global network of technologies and users

WIPO GREEN currently has more than 3,500 listed technologies, needs and experts, with over 100 partners ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. There are more than 1,400 users worldwide and so far more than 640 connections – leading to potential collaborations – have been made.

The WIPO GREEN database

The WIPO GREEN database offers technologies ranging from prototypes to marketable products, which available for license, for collaboration, joint ventures and sale. It also contains a list of needs defined by companies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations that are looking for technologies to address specific environmental or climate change problems.

Acceleration Projects

WIPO GREEN runs a number of so-called Acceleration Projects, which focus on a particular geographical area or technological domain.

These projects allow providers and seekers to make crucial connections that can lead to green technology transfer or deployment. For example, an on-going project in Latin America is focusing exploring local challenges, identifying potential green opportunities and building connections in the area of climate smart agriculture.

Annual review

WIPO GREEN publishes an annual review of activities and achievements. It has also hosted exhibitions of green inventions, such as one showcasing Africa-focused technologies held at COP22 in Marrakesh in November 2016.

More recently, at COP 25, WIPO GREEN drew attention to the role of innovation and technology transfer in helping to disseminate climate-smart agricultural technologies in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.