Silver Energy: Converting Water to Thermal Energy

Silver Energy Renewable LLC (Oman), is a green startup that focuses on water fuel thermal technology. It was established in 2016 by engineer Dhuhi Jamal Al Barwani, whose research work led him to develop a number of innovative prototypes.

Global awareness of climate change is increasing across all industries; technological developments and consumer demand for clean energy have increased significantly in recent decades. This has fueled the imperative to find more effective solutions to eliminate, or at least control, levels of harmful toxicity, air pollution, sea water contamination, hazardous dumping in landfill sites and other sources of high-radiation emissions, which have contributed to environmental degradation.

Water fuel thermal energy machine prototype (Photo: Silver Energy Renewables LLC)

About the invention

Silver Energy Renewables has developed an innovative technology that generates an alternative and clean source of thermal energy with multiple applications. The company’s system offers a cost-effective, reliable, efficient, clean, eco-friendly and safe way to harness energy.

The device produces energy by converting water molecules into a gas flame by means of an electrical apparatus. The device produces hydrogen and oxygen from water, then condenses and mixes these gases with air to give the mixture a desired combustion rate for multiple uses ranging from heating, cutting and welding, to igniting a combustion chamber and supplying thermal energy to engines, facilitating generation of electricity, cooking and others. The device produces energy that is clean, environmentally safe and economical.

The prototype device differs from similar technologies in that it does not use electrolysis or chemicals; it excites water molecules electronically and offers the operator the ability to control the thermal output in line with the operator’s requirements. The technology uses pure water (H2O) and has multiple applications, including:

  • Thermal heating
  • Fabrication (e.g. use as a cutting torch, welding);
  • Automobile enhancement offering an improved, economical, way to clean and remove carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from engine manifolds
  • Alternative source of cooking gas
Cutting torch water thermal energy flame. (Photo: Silver Energy Renewable LLC)

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property (IP) rights allow individuals and company to develop an invention or innovation that supports business growth and competitiveness and contributes to national economic performance, social progress and the advancement of civilization with respect to environmental protection, and relieving human suffering.

Recognizing the importance of protecting its technology with IP rights, Silver Energy Renewables LLC is seeking patent protection through a variety of routes.

In March 2018, it submitted a patent application to the Omani IP Office (OM/P/2018/00061), the so-called national route (under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property); in February 2019, the company filed a regional application (GC 2019-37090) with the Patent Office of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC); and in July 2018, the company sought to protect its technology internationally by filing an international patent application (PCT/OM2018/050009) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Water to flame burner on a stove. (Photo: Silver Energy Renewable LLC)

Find out more

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