Air Purification Technology: 2019 BlueTech Award Winner

The Pure Air Nano-TiO2 Air Purification Technology was developed by a dynamic team from Lion Trunk Technology Co., Ltd., which has secured multiple patents for its nano-adhesive technology.

A key strength of the technology is that it enables a thin layer of Nano-TiO2 to be attached to a substrate surface, such as ceilings, interior walls or floors, for a long period of time. Its special nano-meter structures and photolysis enzyme chemical reaction efficiently destroy and decompose organic pollutants, purifying formaldehyde, benzene, TVOCs (total volatile organic compounds), viruses, bacteria and other poisonous and harmful air pollutants.

The adhesive properties of Nano-TiO2 nanoparticles are proven scientifically to last for more than 25 years.

The technology owner is Lion Trunk (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. In 2019, the company joined in the second batch of entrants to the Bluetech High-Value Patent Cultivation Program. It has since established a certified IP management system, and has embedded IP into its business strategy and upgraded its approach to R&D and innovation protection.